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Below you will find various resources that will assist you as a consumer to ensure you are treated fairly, protected, and can be proactive about reporting unethical behavior and unlicensed contractors. Not checking the facts or determining if your contractor is licensed can seriously harm you as a consumer. Unlicensed contractors rip the public off every day, and prey on the elderly. Protect yourself, be aware, and be safe!

Consumer Information

Unlicensed Contractors CAUGHT ON VIDEO!

○ Search for Licensed Contractors through the City of Cape Coral: Click Here


○ Search for Licensed Contractors through the Florida Dept. of Professional Regulations: Click Here


Note: Any contractor doing business in Cape Coral must be licensed through the City of Cape Coral and the State of Florida. A contractor licensed through the State of Florida only, may not be licensed to do business within the city limits of Cape Coral.


Have you spotted something suspicious? Seen any signs of Unlicensed Contractors at work? To file an ANONYMOUS COMPLAINT and still allow us to track the progress... Send your complaint to:


Let us do the work for you and catch these crooks in the act!

For more info call the CCCIA office at (239) 772-0027.

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