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CCCIA Accomplishments 1971-2023

1971 First Official Meeting on March 25th

1972 First Civic Project - Pavilion at Veterans Park

1972 First Christmas Party

1974 First Membership Drive

1975 First Honorary Member (John Mell, retiring building official)

1976 Construction of MDA House - $60,000 raised for MDA

1977 First subcontractor President (Bud Stuckey)

1977 Construction of Chamber of Commerce Building

1977 First CCCIA Float

1979 First Full Time Executive Secretary hired (Virginia Malono)

1980 Flood Elevation Victory- CCCIA, City, and Bob Godman

1980 Helped establish Palmer Drug Abuse program with $30,000 donation

1981 Construction of Cape Coral High School Concession Stand

1982 Began defense of new Impact Fees

1983 Support of election of Mayor Joe Mazurkiewicz

1983 Debut of new CCCIA logo by Walter Barletta

1984 Fundraiser for Statue of Liberty, construction of porch for Historical Society Bldg.

1986 First CCCIA Construction Products Expo

1988 First CCCIA Golf Tourney

1989 Support passage of "GO" Bond and "WICC" Dual Water System

1990 New CCCIA Newsletter debut

1991 First and Last CCCIA Football Game is played

1996 Inaugural Builders Showcase

1998 Patti Schnell hired as first full time Executive Director

2001 Hall of Fame Established

2002 Defeated Construction Moratorium on Burnt Store Rd.

2003 CCCIA Participates in the Coalition for Better Government

2005 Fight the FEDS Over Dock Moratorium (Due to Manatees)

2005 Debbie Schivinski Award Established

2006 CCCIA Office moved across City Hall

2007 Building Industry Oversight Committee Established

2008 Permit Fee Task Force Established

2009 Green Council Established

2011 Construction of ADA home for Quadriplegic Michael Kennedy with Ramos Builders and Cape Coral Housing Development Corporation

2012 Renovation of Chester Street Resource Center

2013 Room addition for Special Populations

2016 Bill Johnson Jr. hired as the CCCIA Executive Director

2016 Renovation for Cape Coral Chamber of Commerce

2017 Burrowing Owl Task Force Established

2017 Pavement Restoration Standards Task Force Established

2017 Codes and Ordinance Committee Established

2018 CCCIA Participates with the “Cindy Seaman Memorial Bench Project” at Rotary Community Park next to City Hall

2018 CCCIA Developed the Protection of Easement Affidavit to allow Contractors the ability to request limited steps and planters in the P.U.E.

2018-2022 CCCIA Ad Hoc Seawall Committee formed to work with City Staff on revised Seawall Engineering Standards. Input led to significantly reduced engineering standards saving property owners thousands of dollars.

2019 CCCIA Ad Hoc LDC Committee presents Position Paper to the Mayor and City Staff voicing opposition to various articles in the Land Development Code Adopted August 5, 2019. Numerous recommendations by the CCCIA were adopted for sensible growth in the city moving forward.

2019 CCCIA’s Code and Ordinance Committee works with the city to make recommendations to the newly introduced 60/40 rule. Recommendations allowed the construction of larger homes on pre-platted sites.

2019 CCCIA Ad Hoc Pavement Committee voices its opposition to excessive road restoration requirements to damaged roads. This led to the tabling of the unreasonable requirements asked by the city and continued adherence to the engineering standards already in place.

2020 CCCIA’s Building Oversight Committee successful in negotiating a 25% reduction in all permit fees across the board saving contractors $2.1 Million dollars (based on 2019 permit numbers).

2021 CCCIA Recommends and encouraged the city to purchase Smart Phones for Building Inspectors out of the building reserve fund to increase the level of service to contractors.

2022 CCCIA Petitions the State of Florida for a Statement of Interpretation regarding disagreement with the City of Cape Coral’s interpretation of FBC 312.1.1 and is successful in winning. FBC 312.1.1 has to do with means to achieve alternate methods of fall protection. This was not only a victory for Cape Coral but for the entire State of Florida as well.

2022 CCCIA Staff flies to Des Moines, Iowa with Key City employees for a site visit at Plant Moran to give input to trouble shoot and optimize the EnerGov System.

2022 Assist the city in setting up a work shop and interactive training on the EnerGov System

2022 Lynn Boldissar Hired as the CCCIA’s Executive Director

2022 CCCIA Ad Hoc Irrigation Committee works for more than a year with city staff to recommend an Irrigation Ordinance that makes sense to the construction industry and the citizens of Cape Coral. Recommendations should lead to a smooth implementation of the ordinance.

2022 and Ongoing Schedule Quarterly Meetings with the City Manager to discuss Construction Industry Related Problems.

2022 and Ongoing CCCIA has a seat on the EnerGov task force to voice opinions and suggestions for the betterment of the system.

2022 CCCIA Presents a comprehensive Position Paper to the Mayor and City Manager outlining the unacceptable levels of service given by the Development Services Department which the Building Department falls under. Progress was made in discussions as to how to achieve the level of service desired. Some of the items addressed were:

  • Address HB1059 and a process for rebates on permits exceeding the statutory limit of 30 days.
  • Delay the Permit Fee study to 2024.
  • Continue efforts to correct problems associated with EnerGov.
  • Change the method in which permit reporting is done to be more transparent.
  • Improve and Prioritize Permit Prioritization and Review Goals.

2022 CCCIA Codes and Ordinance Committee works with Planning and Zoning to express its opposition to new interpretations as to allowable items in side setbacks. The city agrees with CCCIA and keeps current standards.