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‘Developing strong relationships is a cornerstone of our business approach, and I can confidently affirm that CCCIA has played a pivotal role in fostering connections with contractors within our industry. The facilitated meetings organized by CCCIA have opened up new avenues for collaboration, enabling us to leverage our membership to its fullest potential. For anyone seeking to establish essential connections in the industry, CCCIA proves to be a transformative resource."

Brent Stokes, President of Stokes Marine Inc

“HBK is proud to be an industry partner with the CCCIA. This association provides us with timely and relevant information, connects us with people who are stewards of our community and offers the opportunity to play an integral role in shaping the future of the construction industry.”

Keith A. Veres, CPA with Hill, Barth & King LLC

“CCCIA has been an absolute lifesaver for us. We had been struggling with an ongoing issue for months on a home site where we are building and it seemed like there was no end in sight. However, CCCIA stepped in and quickly solved the problem. Not only did they facilitate communication between us and two other companies involved, but they also diligently tracked the progress of the issue. Thanks to their efficient handling, the problem was completely resolved within a matter of a week or two. Being a member of CCCIA has been incredibly valuable when resolving issues for builders.”

Jim Toto, Owner of Toto Custom Home Builders

“I spent four hours in a consultation with Cohen Law Group for my personal Hurricane Ian claim. I was deciding between two law firms. Seeing that Cohen Law Group supports the CCCIA at a recent membership dinner meeting, it was an easy decision.”

CCCIA Member & Cape Coral Resident

“Chris-Tel Construction is a member of CCCIA because the organization is very proactive in handling current issues that threaten our livelihood. Having a strong organization in today’s world, where many desire to slow or even stop building completely, is a necessity. The CCCIA has a powerful group of members who represent the construction industry well.”

Bob Koenig, Vice President of Construction for Chris-Tel Construction

“The Builders' Showcase of Homes has truly impressed me as a first-time participant with a model home entry. The fact that they attracted hundreds in walk-through traffic over just three weekends is a testament to their reach and appeal. What's even more impressive is that this led to the execution of a handful of contracts! Looking forward to entering next year. Well done, CCCIA's Builders Showcase of Homes! I also really appreciate the emails from the CCCIA regarding new changes in building code and other very helpful information they provide on a daily and weekly basis to all their members. This is instrumental for Builders keeping up with the constant changes in our industry. Lynn and the CCCIA are instrumental with knowledge and experience that helps southwest Florida contractors and builders."   

Jason Foskey, Owner of Coastal Craft Homes

"I absolutely loved the Membership Dinner Meeting this month! It was such a great way to network and connect with builders in the area. I came away from the event with so many valuable leads - my whole week is now booked solid with follow-up meetings. The energy at the dinner was fantastic, and I made some promising new connections that I know will help take my business to the next level. If you're looking for an engaging, productive networking opportunity, I highly recommend the Membership Dinner Meeting. It's a must-attend event for anyone in the construction industry!”

Dylan Leeka, Project Manager for Remedy Roofing Inc

Proudly Serving the Cape Coral Construction Industry & Community since 1971


Building or remodeling a home is a HUGE investment.  Insist on hiring ONLY CCCIA members in Cape Coral, Lee County and all of SWFL.  Perhaps you need to build or improve your dock?  Add a boat lift? Repair your seawall?  Do you know where to start?  The CCCIA Membership directory.  Hire peace of mind and excellent work at fair prices.  Our members are licensed and insured industry professions.

Since 1971, the Cape Coral Construction Industry Association (CCCIA) has been working as a source of information and education for its members and the community. We dedicate ourselves to keeping our industry informed regarding changes in local, state and national regulations such as pool safety requirements, FEMA regulations and policy changes, environmental concerns that impact construction and International Building Code regulations.

The CCCIA is an, “industry watchdog,” constantly monitoring changes that impact our members and affect our community. We are a respected voice for positive and intelligent growth because Cape Coral and Lee County is not just where we work... it’s where we live. We are You... and we care about our community and our industry.

Where it all began......

50 years ago the City of Cape Coral was incorporated.  About 6 months later, the CCCIA was created to advocate for builders, businesses and citizens with the cities leaders.  Learn about our past and be confident that we will always be here to partner with.  We are stronger together!  Thank you for supporting our efforts to make Cape Coral a great place to work, live and raise families.  Cheers to the next 50 years!

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